Joanna Buttercase

Tutorial – Thoughts on Concept

THOUGHTS – Bhakti firework shots create sense of intrigue, element of mystery – This is less present in ‘natural’ imagery (flowers etc) ; much more about beauty – Concept needs … Continue reading

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Online Screenwriting Course

Ive found a course online to help me get started with script/screenwriting! There is one twenty minute lecture a week and several task set out for you to do. The … Continue reading

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Audio Piece – Gathering Experiences

Ive created a survey online with the hope of getting a selection of ‘female ONLY’ experiences collected from a variety of sources. My piece wants to raise the issue that … Continue reading

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All footage so far Experiments 1 – Original experiments with natural footage overlayed Experiments 2 – Studio footage with Bhakti Experiments 3 – Edited / overlayed studio footage Experiments 4 … Continue reading

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New Tricks

– As part of COP I’ve been having to learn how to use my lomokino camera – It works by using 35mm film which is ran across the exposure area … Continue reading

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Low to No Budget Filmmaking

Moving shots  Cranes / Dollies / Steadicam  – Dolly shots using a wheely chair – Retract front leg of tripod and tilt camera on two legs (only works for small/lightweight … Continue reading

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Chapter 3 : 500 Words

In terms of women in film today, the main issue for me seems to be that although women now receive a greater deal of representation in modern films than they … Continue reading

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