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Online Screenwriting Course

Ive found a course online to help me get started with script/screenwriting! There is one twenty minute lecture a week and several task set out for you to do. The … Continue reading

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Low to No Budget Filmmaking

Moving shots  Cranes / Dollies / Steadicam  – Dolly shots using a wheely chair – Retract front leg of tripod and tilt camera on two legs (only works for small/lightweight … Continue reading

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Music / Copyright

Obviously, I make films, and 99-100% of the time, I need audio. For future films I want to try and get musicians / music production people on the team so … Continue reading

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Showreel Session

– I made a showreel as part of PPP in second year, but I really want to strengthen it over the course of third year so I can think about … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

“Am I strange? … Sure” So yesterday I made a voyage down to London for a screening of a BTS documentary of director Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli. Filmed as … Continue reading

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Grayson Perry at Temple Newsam House

EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT A FILMMAKER I have always really loved Grayson Perrys work.   I find it very accessible in terms of its meaning, and I find him … Continue reading

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Trip to the V&A

I had organised a trip down to London to meet with video artist Vanessa Jane to discuss all things film. Sadly, she was poorly on the day and couldn’t make … Continue reading

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