Joanna Buttercase

Final Piece Editing

– When in colour Gabis screen was much more visually attention grabbing due to a wider variety of shots being available from the projection of natural images as opposed to fireworks

– Fireworks obviously a lot darker so brighter screen becomes dominant

– Black and white resumed equilibrium

– Added layers only to Bhaktis screen; she is supposed to be more unconventional / a modern representation with more depth than Gabi who simply has projections of beauty

– Initially edited the pieces entirely separately but in time with the same music, however this meant when I put them together they did not feel very fluid together, and didnt form any relationship

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 00.55.09

– I then started anew but tried to assess the two screens together as a total composition within the screen in a variety of ways;

mirroring the compositions

similar camera movement

juxtaposing contrasting compositions

having one screen show one long clip where the other had fast edits

matching cut timings

one screen being on the offbeat and the other on the beat

– This seemed to effectively balance out the entire frame, so that each screen cultivated equal attention from the audience


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This entry was posted on January 2, 2015 by in Practical, Year 3 COP.
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