Joanna Buttercase

Tutorial – Thoughts on Concept

THOUGHTS – Bhakti firework shots create sense of intrigue, element of mystery – This is less present in ‘natural’ imagery (flowers etc) ; much more about beauty – Concept needs more depth; what am I trying to say? Chose key issues in film industry and will look to better communicate these – 1 Women struggling with the fact their first representation in Hollywood was as pure visual spectacle 2 Modern Hollywoods marginalisation of the female authorial voice; women have difficulty getting a) heard and b) recognition   – Bringing in a second subject will create new element ; striking visual difference could create interesting antithesis (physical appearance of girls very different, maybe use selective visuals for projection?) – Addition of soundtrack has potential to imbue more meaning, decide what it will say, find a voice which fits the tone of the film/ the message you want to convey


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This entry was posted on December 10, 2014 by in Practical, Year 3 COP.
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