Joanna Buttercase

Online Screenwriting Course

Ive found a course online to help me get started with script/screenwriting!

There is one twenty minute lecture a week and several task set out for you to do. The course is ten sessions long so I plan (*plan* being the key word) to do one a day for the next 10 days or so.


Session 1


– Producers are the ones who tend to back an idea, find funding to make it into a reality etc, you should probably seek them rather than a director. They also are in charge of distribution. (There are exceptions where writers work collaboratively with directors then look for a producer together etc)

– Dont be intimidated thinking you need to have 10 ideas ready to go – quality is more important. Have 2 ideas that resonate rather than 12 that are only half formed

– Think about your interests, what kind of writer are you?

– Keep track of little potential ideas you can develop – a notepad, scrapbook etc

– DONT COPY or be intimidated by others writing style – find your voice

– Ideas need conflict to work as full films they should be inherent to your story however big or small they need complexity

– Be aware of the audience you want to see your work

– DONT write about something which doesnt suit your interests

– A good idea is one that grabs you and makes your heart beat faster even after youve gone back to it


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