Joanna Buttercase

Audio Piece – Gathering Experiences

Ive created a survey online with the hope of getting a selection of ‘female ONLY’ experiences collected from a variety of sources.

My piece wants to raise the issue that the film industry – particularly Hollywood, doesnt want to confront, which is that so far it has been a majority male voice speaking about womens issues through film.

Not to say that men cannot do so, only that they have the luxury of choice to be able to do so, and we should at least question why the female pespective has taken so long in being actively sought to give more rounded representations in Hollywood.

I want to make sure people can openly interpret the questions, so ive used the term ‘female’ which I feel can refer to both biological sex AND femininity deliberately.

Obviously by discluding boys from partaking in the survey there is a slight question about whether it may be a sexist question, but I want to make sure I am getting womens experiences from the point of view of women, as this is the whole point!

Ive linked various people directly to the survey, and posted it as my status and on the viscom page.


The questions(after many varying edits) are ;

1. Describe an experience you have had/ someone you know has had which you consider to be a ‘female’ experience? (Please give detail, can be positive, negative, related to biological sex, or ideas of femininity)

2. Has being female ever held you back from something? (Please give detail)


Im also going to ask a few people face to face and voice record it, as I feel this can evoke more genuine, spontaneous answers without any time to overthink and/or edit answers which tends to get something more honest! I can also then carry the conversation on when it feels appropriate, which again will encourage less formulaic and more interesting answers.


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This entry was posted on November 25, 2014 by in Practical, Year 3 COP.
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