Joanna Buttercase

Low to No Budget Filmmaking

Moving shots 

Cranes / Dollies / Steadicam 

– Dolly shots using a wheely chair

– Retract front leg of tripod and tilt camera on two legs (only works for small/lightweight cameras)

– Make your own dolly using plywood and skateboard wheels

– Cable dollies – i’d never heard of these before! You hang the camera off a sliding cable which can be made cheaply using rope and bike wheels without tyres.

Using your phone 

– Don’t use built in software for video or audio

– Need an app where you can lock WB EXP and focus

– Use a steadicam / tripod or hold with two hands

– Can get attachments for monitors, microphones and optical zoom


– Use lamps to create fill lights

– Torches to create spotlights and highlights

– Tin foil to replace a silver reflector for flattering lighting

– Cloud cover in daylight creates soft even lighting outdoors

Post Production

– Icarus free editing software in place of After Effects


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