Joanna Buttercase

Showreel Session

– I made a showreel as part of PPP in second year, but I really want to strengthen it over the course of third year so I can think about sending it out to try and get commissions and / or generally attract interest to my vimeo, which I’m hoping to develop as part of PPP.


Things to do:

– ONLY include your best work (if its not your best don’t include it just for varieties sake!)

– Try and get a sense of yourself into it

– Keep it short; 1-2 minutes max

– Start AND end with strongest work ; really consider what makes up your opening and closing shot

– Leave room for discussion ; give a flavour, don’t give everything away

– Check company guidelines, include a cover letter, and LABEL your showreel

– GET FEEDBACK on your showreel

– Edit your showreel according to your desired position

Eg Director = show yourself directing people, working with a crew, organising the team etc


Meaning; vimeo, blogs, tumblr, on your phone, your iPad etc for ANY opportunity


Things NOT to do:

– Assume that whoever is watching will sit through the whole thing

They may watch 10 seconds, and already have made their mind up

– Add ‘niche’ (weird) music

You don’t want to make it about whether they agree with your music taste!

– Remove all sound from clips; this is a key part of your skill base!


Showreel should feel like a self contained, progressive piece of work in its own right. There should be pace and progression evident, and any key information about each project should be included.







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This entry was posted on November 15, 2014 by in Practical, Research, Year 3 PPP.
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