Joanna Buttercase



– Im making a film inspired by my little sisters passion for ballet.

– I have a few issues with the ballet world personally ;

1) The expense of it prices a lot of people out of the market

2) Professional ballet schools accept girls at a young age, they spend thousands of pounds on attending, and then never even make it to being part of a production ; it feels like money-spinning to me

3) Its an industry where they can still turn you away just because you are an inch too tall, or your waist is an inch too wide

4) There is a sense of elitism that doesn’t exist within other dance culture such as hiphop or modern

– I don’t believe you should have to buy your way to success, and I especially don’t believe that the talent of a dancer should be able to be undermined by anything about their physical appearance

– My sister is 12, she gets better marks, grades school reports and what have you than I ever did, she’s grade 4 piano – point being, she’s got a lot going for her, but she wants to be a ballet dancer. She is constantly being told that she’s going to be too tall. After looking at websites for professional ballet schools around the world she decided on which one she wanted to go to based on how tall the tallest height measurement they accept was.


– I find the idea that she could work as hard as she does (3 days a week,  at 4/3 /8 hours respectively) and be doing it for as long as she has (she started at a just-for-fun preschool dance class when she was 4) and be turned away just for being a couple of inches too tall.

– There was also a time when my parents thought they wouldn’t be able to keep sending her to lessons because of the expense, which again, is maddening, because we are not a hard-to-do family, so how do families in lesser financial positions have any chance to be part of it? Im of the opinion that they are being priced out deliberately.


– These two ideas will form the basis for my film.



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This entry was posted on November 15, 2014 by in Practical, Year 3 PPP.
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