Joanna Buttercase

Project 365

I started was back on June 1st with this project.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to take on any “real” / “big” projects (ones which require a storyboard, planning, a team etc etc) over the summer.

This was due to the bane of my summer months ; having a full time job / needing money to live.

I wanted to make sure I was at least doing SOMETHING. So.


I decided just using my phone, I would take one shot every day over summer.

The only rule I put in place mentally, was that I wouldn’t film ANYTHING that was related to my job.

I was feeling a bit sad about the prospect of another summer spent with no travelling, no festivals and just lots of order taking and food serving…


The pros of this project were;


1) No opportunity to overthink the final outcome

2) I couldnt stall or procrastinate

3) It didn’t (and doesn’t!) require any equipment / collaboration

4) It (continually) forces me to think about filmmaking even if its only for a minute every day!

5) Because I wasn’t including job-related stuff, I would have evidence for myself that I didn’t just “Spend all summer working”.


I initially planned to make it just a summer project, but I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the footage that it has now become a full year!

By a sort of coincidence I started it the day after finishing second year, so it will also now serve as a document of my final year at uni too which is both nice, and sad..



1) Will be nice to get the “time passing” milestones in ; like bonfire night tomorrow, christmas, easter etc

2) I want to make sure I keep the same unpretentious, almost mindless approach

3) Some shots are better than others, BUT THATS OKAY!

Ive started editing the footage now, and I can see where some shots may be stronger than others, but I don’t want this to affect how I go about things from this point on. A couple of shots are just of my feet walking or a view out of my bedroom window, because naturally not every day is full of exciting film-worthy events! Im going to edit a sequence every 3 months so I end up with four seasonal pieces, and then at the end I might rejig everything into one huuuuuge final film!


Ive proved to myself what I can do when I cast aside my annoying overthinking, without any planning, without any “clever idea”, which has given me just a liiiiittle bit more confidence about what I might be able to get done when I really knuckle down to trying to do something that DOES require storyboarding, lots of thought, planning.

Exciting stuff *dancing lady emoji here*


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This entry was posted on November 4, 2014 by in Practical, Year 3 PPP.
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