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Project 365 : Editing, Thoughts, Feedback

Editing this film, although tedious has been ridiculously easy compared to anything Ive done before.

Obviously, Ive only got one shot every day, and I want every day included, so the selection process of what to/ what not to include has been somewhat diminished!

Some days did have 2 or 3 shots, so I narrowed those down, but obviously on more planned out projects there are multiple takes, errors, lighting problems, shaky camera issues, and general fine-tuning and nitpicking elements involved in the editing process.


For the first draft I wanted to see what was there.. I had 160 shots, which makes no sense, as I haven’t done 160 days…? Anyway, duplicates abound and hastily removed, I just edited to a soundtrack (one of my favourite songs to listen to over the summer, I had already decided on that part back when it was still just going to be a summer project).

I essentially edited as you would a music video, with the rule that I would keep the shots in the order I filmed them in.

Unfortunately, day two is a PARTICULARLY uninspired and ugly shot of my beaten up converse against the grubby student accommodation wall of my second year flat. What a delightful way to kick off the film. But I stuck with it.


1) Paid close attention to different layers of the song

2) Edited in keeping with various elements, not just the beat

Some of the shots are edited to the very audible snare that runs throughout the track and kicks off the intro, but I tried to shake things up where posibble.

-A few shots (shown below 3 shots timed to “Dance, up, on”) follow the rhythm pattern of the lyrics

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 21.28.13 Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 21.28.00 Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 21.27.41


-Some were where musical phrases began and ended (there is a musical pause which I edited one slow paced shot of clouds to emphasise)

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 21.22.36

-Others were double or in time with the overall tempo

– I also tried to keep any key action in the film timed to some element of the music (e.g. in the shot below Bhakti bows on the beat of the snare)

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 21.18.46


3) NO colour correcting / after effects-ing / making things look fancy

These things just felt in my mind like they went against the grain of what I was achieving in making this film, so I banned myself from them.

At times it was very tempting so try and “rose-tint” my life a little bit (especially the makeup free late night selfie camera shots… sigh.) but I resisted.




– MY PHONE BROKE. Apple, you let me down. My iCloud does not save videos. Sigh. Again. So I lost two weeks, and made it up by doing two a day for the two weeks after. NOT HAPPY because I didn’t cheat but my artistic integrity has been compromised by technology! WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN.

– I sometimes go out without my phone. It does happen. Sometimes by accident, and sometimes, shockingly, on purpose. And then I now get angry because that is when I turn into some sort of pied piper of aesthetics where everything around me looks film worthy. Grr.

– I also saved some snapchats sent to friends as films of the day, and the quality of these is much grainier than the standard camera so Ill probably avoid those from now on!



– Although easy it is somewhat…. unfulfilling. And time consuming. There are already LOTS of shots, and many of the same thing on different days… I seem to have a particular penchant for my feet, and views out the window of public transport. It is what it is.

I also have an abundance of shots of Bhakti, which means there is a sequence in the middle where she appears to JUST NOT GO AWAY. (Not entirely inaccurate as it was just the two of us living in Leeds over summer.) Anyway, the variation lacks a little at times, is the issue.



1) Could potentially edit the sequence a different way e.g. All train shots together, all food shots together, all… Bhakti shots… together..

2) Maybe make it faster?? Im just under half way in terms of days, and its over five minutes. That is LONG.



1) Bhakti – likes the soundtrack, overall film has a very positive message about making the most of whats around you and enjoying each day for what it is, also she’s in it so much that she thinks she will cry at the final thing because uni will be over and it will be sad


2) Julia – theres a lot going on, and you can see something different every time you watch it, might be really enjoyable for people abroad as a snapshot of english student life. (Something I hadn’t even slightly thought about!)


3) Nic – Its very long, but it does keep you interested, maybe cut down some of the longer shots where not much is happening



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