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Trip to the V&A

I had organised a trip down to London to meet with video artist Vanessa Jane to discuss all things film.

Sadly, she was poorly on the day and couldn’t make it ūüė¶ Sad face.

Instead I took a trip around the V&A.


Vanessa Jane : Breathless Beauty, Broken Beauty

Vanessa’s piece there was a 3-D video piece, displayed over three screens.

Her work was centred around the idea of old, once majestic stately homes falling into decay.

The piece was essentially split into two halves; the first a dreamlike revisit to the heyday of the buildings, covered in ornate and expensive furniture, wallpaper ornaments and such. Part two exposed the reality existing for many of the buildings now, covered in dust and debris and signs of interruption through those trying to restore it; workers boots, cables, torches and electronic lights and the same antiques piled in corners covered in a dirty brown layer of dust and dirt.


For me the most innovative part of the piece was the way it was split over three screens. The idea was that the viewer would focus on the centre screen, and the first and third would be seen in the periferral vision, giving a sense of actually physically being surrounded by these old buildings. (If you can imagine the layout; standing in the centre the first screen is on your left, the second directly in front of you, the third on your right)

Something Im keen to explore (time permitting!) is finding unusual ways to present my film pieces. I always find that just having work playing on a standard projector or a mac screen leaves something to be desired when its in amongst a room full of exhibition pieces.



Horst : Photographer of Style  

I can’t honestly say I had ever heard of Horst before I saw this exhibition, but the single image being used to promote it was in keeping with my taste so I went in for a closer look.

Horst had a 60 year (!) career in photography, capturing portraits of celebrities including Dali and Chanel, as well as a variety of still life and fashion shoots.

At the end of the exhibit was a collection of Vogue covers spanning the entirety of Horsts career, and it was especially interesting being able to directly observe the progression of tastes and style over the years. There was a ‘no photos or sketching’ rule (sketching? No sketching?! I found that very sad.) so I made sneaky notes of my favourite images on my phone – hiding it in my coat in case that was also against the rules … Ive just found that all the images are available on google.. Which makes the no sketching rule seem even more odd. Hmm. Anyway; my favourites are below.


Carmen face massage & Lisa with harp by Horst P. Horst

large  4c6ed4fd6f11ba2e4946b4fb2f53c685


Amazing compositions. Ive read so many times that the key to photography/cinematography is to really master the use of light and I think these are both amazing examples of this!

Vogue Covers by Horst P. Horst




РThink about how I display my work ; installation? 

Р Find video artists to look at not just filmmakers 

– Go to exhibitions for inspiration(!!)

– Start doing some photography / playing with lighting


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