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In first year, and again in second year, I got myself into a pickle and didnt achieve any of the things I wanted to in terms of my practical development in second semester. Obviously, I dont want this to happen again in third year. So this post is going to be for me to go back to when I can feel myself getting into a muddle.

Things I need to remember when I start losing momentum;

1) Its ok to make mistakes

My worst enemy is my own fear of failing, and need to constantly produce perfect stuff first time. Sigh. IT IS OK TO FAIL JOANNA if you would keep reminding yourself of that, that’d be good. As a good little friend of mine often reminds me; the fear of doing the task is far worse than the task itself!

2) Be brave

I need to stop being a little sneak and playing it safe. (See above if you are in any doubt as to why I do this)

3) I WANT to do this

Nobody is breathing down my neck going ‘YOU MUST MAKE FILMS AND WRITE SCRIPTS’ so I should probably stop faffing around procrastinating and worrying and get back to what I really love doing which is making films!

4) Stressing is ok, and so is time off

I have accepted that I work better under pressure, but there is a definite line, and once the line is crossed, thats it. Burnout zone. So days off will be had and there will be lots of sleeping and food and doodling and music listening and general resting of my brain.

5) The easiest way to fail is to try to please everybody

I read this somewhere on the interweb, and I like it, and Im going to remember it.


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This entry was posted on October 15, 2014 by in Practical, Year 3 PPP.


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