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Evidence of Responses to Final Piece

  Notes and screenshots from various people asked to respond to my creative response piece. Notes were taken from more interview style conversations with prompters about certain aspects of the … Continue reading

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Final Piece Responses

– Generally the visual spectacle was well received – Differing opinions as to overall strength of concept/ whether it could be read – Boys/men seemed to read the piece very … Continue reading

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Final Piece

THOUGHTS – Visual spectacle definitely comes across as strong as I’d hoped, film widely received as something which is particularly visually strong – Meaning is possibly lost but this does … Continue reading

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Final Piece Editing

THOUGHTS – When in colour Gabis screen was much more visually attention grabbing due to a wider variety of shots being available from the projection of natural images as opposed … Continue reading

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Editing Drafts

– I initially edited the pieces separately to the same soundtrack and then put them together but this did not flow Bhakti Individual (demonstrates working well alone) :¬† Together even … Continue reading

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Selection of Survey Responses

The responses were very varied in terms of detail, but all seemed to identify sexism particularly as being a female experience, whether they realised this or not also seemed unclear. … Continue reading

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Soundtrack Recording / Editing

**SCREENSHOTS FROM AUDACITY** THOUGHTS – Distinctly male voice recording the voice over = stark contrast to the more effeminate feel of the films visuals, creates contrast between the male voice … Continue reading

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